Full name

Casey Spectacular


Director of Operations at Spark Makerspace


New London, CT


Casey Spectacular is a painter, writer, video, and performance artist.He currently lives in New London Connecticut. His work has been shown in galleries, magazines, coffee shops, bars, and other various establishments across America. The work he creates is a theatrical analysis of human tragedy. In his work, life is comical, dramatic, and heartbreaking and his art imitates this. Casey Spectacular creates a soap-opera world of characters marred by smudged mascara, cigarette breath, and social ineptitude. Though loud and needy, they are never as important as what surrounds them. He is a storyteller - he turns everyday life into a theater of the absurd. His art is a celebration of human imperfection while being as gritty and cheap as a VHS tape.

My friends, fellow artists, and collaborators:
Coco Roy www.cocoroy.com
Alice Amy Tam www.dangertam.com
Diane Barcello www.postmedium.com/dianebarcelo
Fionn McCabe www.fionnmccabe.com
Ashby Carlisle www.ashbycarlisle.com
Gabby Shea www.gabrielleshea.tumblr.com
Aly Maderson-Quinlog www.shokunin-no-shashin.tumblr.com
Chris O'Flaherty www.christopheroflaherty.com


BFA Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)

Massachusetts College of Art

Boston, MA ·

Upcoming Aug. 12th 2017 Queef: A Novel (Group Show), Hygienic Art, New London, CT
26 emerging artist will be illustrating the chapters of Queef: A Novel